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In a shocking development in the unsolved
"Blue Flame Lounge killing, Ralph H.
Windom, heir to the Pottersfield
cigarette fortune, was arrested today for
the murder of William Fuller. In
addition to the murder charges Mr. Windom
will be charged with kidnapping, evading
arrest and driving with a broken
taillight. The additional charges stem
from a spectacular high speed chase and
running gun battle on the Mullholland
Highway which ended when Mr. Windom's car
was forced of the road by another car
driven by Cyclops Boy, a local private
investigator, whose client, a Ms. Eva
Brooks had been forced at gun point into
Mr. Maxwell's black Grover 410 Roadster.
Mr. Fuller, a traveling brush salesman,
was found dead of gunshot wounds on July
14th of last year at the Blue Flame
Lounge. Although he was shot in front of
12 witnesses, none came forward to
identify the killer. The case was
officially marked as 'unsolved' just over
2 months ago. The apparent break came
when Cyclops Boy uncovered photographic
evidence linking Mr. Maxwell to the case.
However, Police Chief Dornan credited
"good police work and good policemen" for
bringing the case to a end and stated
that "marking the case unsolved was all
part of a clever rues to flush out the
killer". When asked about Cyclops Boy's
role in breaking the case he replied,
"the police always can use that little
extra help from citizens. However,
citizens should remember that Police
Detectives have far more training and
experience than these independent agents
that call themselves detectives. So,
when you're in trouble, call the police
The car chase started at approximately
6:20 p.m. when Mr. Windom kidnapped Eva
Brooks, a photographer for "Jet Set"
Magazine, at gun point from her
residence. Once in the car Mr. Windom
started driving his roadster towards the
Belvedere Reservoir, where police
theorize he intended to kill Ms. Brooks.
Fortunately, for Ms. Brooks, Mr. Cyclops
Boy observed the black Grover 410
Roadster as it left her residence. "It
was blind luck. Had I been a few minutes
late we'd have another murder on our
hands", Cyclops Boy said. It was then
that the running gun battle started...[Go
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