Hello, Catfish speaking. Hi there boss. I knew it was you, I wouldn't
have answered if I didn't know it was you. Everything's under control. I
got Cyclops Boy all tied up to the rocket ship all good and tight. All
I gotta do is figure out how to blow up this here rocket and everything
will be all taken care of. Uh huh. Okay. I know. I push the little round
button. No problem boss. It's all taken care of. Now you just go on and
enjoy your dinner party. You just enjoy yourself sir. Okay, I'll call
you when it's all taken care of.
Don't I get any last requests? How about a martini, Cat Nip?
Shut up you!
The name's Catfish dammit! You thought you were pretty smart didn't you Mr.
CY-CLOPS BOY. Well, you're gunna be up in space soon, and they ain't got no
air up there. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
...Now which of these here buttons was it...?